Sexual Harassment

Definition - What does Sexual Harassment mean?

Sexual harassment is the inappropriate and unwanted harassment of a sexual nature that can cause the victim to feel extremely uncomfortable and can lead to serious distress. Sexual harassment can take place in a work environment, a social environment, a public environment, etc. This inappropriate behavior can include asking for sexual favors, making unwanted sexual advances, making offensive comments, etc. If a person believes that he or she is a victim of sexual harassment, then he or she can file suit, as sexual harassment is illegal.

Justipedia explains Sexual Harassment

An example of sexual harassment would be a situation where one employee repeatedly asks for sexual favors from another coworker. In this situation, the worker who is asking for sexual favors may be creating a work environment that is hostile for the other person. This could result in a sexual harassment lawsuit.

A sexual harassment lawsuit could also ensue in situations that do not involve the workplace. For example, a tenant in an apartment may find herself becoming the the victim of sexual harassment from another tenant in the building. This too could result in a lawsuit.

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