Sharp Practice

Definition - What does Sharp Practice mean?

A lawyer who is dishonest in the court, lies to a judge or opposing counsel, fails to honor agreements made with the opposing counsel, abuses the process, or uses threats that remain just inside the line between legality and illegality is said to be guilty of sharp practice.

Lawyers who display a habit of sharp practice may be disciplined.

Justipedia explains Sharp Practice

Sharp practice is a term that describes an attorney’s personality or practice style that does not rise to the level of fraud or perjury, but is somehow dishonorable.

Law, as it is actually practiced, involves countless off-the-record conversations between lawyers, judges and court staff. A lawyer’s conduct in these off-the-record interactions many not be technically illegal, but still dishonorable.

Lawyers are expected to avoid sharp practice by treating all those they interact with courteously and professionally.

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