Definition - What does Solemnization mean?

Solemnization is a legally binding formal ceremony that has traditions carried out within it. A marriage in a church or religious marriage ceremony is called a solemnization. Both aspects of the ceremony are met to their regulated standards. For the religious aspect it includes rituals, but for the legal aspect, it includes the confirmation by both parties that their intentions have been properly stated and that their signatures are written in assent, in front of witnesses who sign their names to confirm their presence.

Justipedia explains Solemnization

All legal marriage ceremonies in the United States that are performed outside the civil registry system are considered a solemnization of marriage. The assent of both parties is taken in the form of the vows that are recited to them by someone that is legally authorized to perform the ceremony, but who is also qualified to do so in a religious manner through separate qualifications from a religious entity that is legally authorized to certify people in that manner.

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