Special Appearance

Definition - What does Special Appearance mean?

A special appearance happens when someone appears in court for a limited or specific purpose. A special appearance may refer to a party appearing in a court solely to argue that the court lacks jurisdiction over that party.

Attorneys may make a special appearance as a one-time event for another attorney’s client, or before a potential client has made payment arrangements.

Justipedia explains Special Appearance

When an attorney tells the court that they are making a special appearance, the court is notified that the attorney intends the appearance to be a one-time-only event. If the attorney is arguing that the court lacks jurisdiction over the attorney’s client, then the attorney will announce the appearance as a special appearance to signify that the client does not expect to be required to return to the jurisdiction. An attorney may also announce their appearance as special to tell the court that the attorney should not currently be the counsel of record.

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