Spite Fence

Definition - What does Spite Fence mean?

A spite fence is a fence that one neighbor builds to annoy another neighbor. These fences are often built with wood, metal or even shrubs.

In the context of the law, it is usually legal for people to build fences on their property. However, there can be some restriction as to the height of the fence and materials used to build it.

Justipedia explains Spite Fence

If a person builds a spite fence that is too high, or violates housing codes in other ways, then it can be declared a private nuisance. If this is the case, then the property owner could be forced to alter the fence. This is especially true if the fence blocks another neighbor's view of something like a lake or an ocean.

Spite fences typically occur when two neighbors do not get along very well and one seeks a way to frustrate the other.

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