Definition - What does Statute mean?

A statute is an act that is passed into law which dictates terms of actions. In order for a law to be enacted, a statute regarding that law first needs to be passed through the legislative branch of government. A statute is made on a federal level. In most cases, the laws of each state are determined on the basis of a statute. There is currently a situation in the US where states are enacting their own medicinal cannabis laws in contradiction to federal statute. However, this is the only current subject which is not explicitly followed.

Justipedia explains Statute

The actual document that contains the writing of the words that are enacted into law is also referred to as a statute. Organizations who conform to specific rules that are self imposed also refer to those rules as statutes. Any state law that does not comply with federal statute risks being called into review as it is expected that statutes form the basis of all law.

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