Stop and Frisk

Definition - What does Stop and Frisk mean?

A stop and frisk is a pat down search conducted by law enforcement on a suspected criminal. In order to conduct a stop and frisk, the law enforcement agent must have reasonable cause to believe that the person was, or may be, about to be involved in a crime. Stops and frisks typically consist of a police officer gently touching a person's body to feel for potential concealed weapons.

Justipedia explains Stop and Frisk

Numerous different types of materials can be discovered during a stop and frisk. For example, weapons, narcotics or other potentially incriminating items can be discovered from a stop and frisk. Stops and frisks can happen as a suspect is being arrested. They can also happen in other circumstances, such as following a police officer pulling over a suspicious vehicle. Stops and frisks can prevent a suspect from suddenly pulling a weapon out from a pocket, or other concealed area, and attacking the police officer with it.

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