Definition - What does Subrogee mean?

A subrogee is the party who compensates an injured party and assumes the legal right to sue the party who actually caused the injury.

Subrogees are typically insurance companies, and the people who subrogees compensate are typically policyholders, known as subrogors. The injury must be covered by the policy in order for the subrogee to compensate the subrogor.

Justipedia explains Subrogee

After a subrogee compensates a subrogor for an injury, the subrogee can then sue the party who caused the injury. This allows the subrogee to have an opportunity to reclaim some or all of the money that it had to pay to the subrogor as compensation for the injury claim.

Damages for injuries can be quite substantial, so subrogees often have a lot of incentive to sue the parties who caused the injury (in order to recover money.

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