Definition - What does Subrogor mean?

A subrogor is a person who forfeits his or her right to sue for damages after an injury is caused by another party. Subrogors instead transfer the right to sue to a different party, called a subrogee.

The subrogee compensates the subrogor, and then has the right to sue the party who caused the injury for damages. Subrogees are typically insurance companies.

Justipedia explains Subrogor

Many people purchase insurance so that they can be compensated by their insurance company when they have a legitimate claim, instead of having to go through the entire legal process of suing the party at fault. For example, if a person has his or her car totaled as the result of an accident caused by another, then he or she, acting as a subrogor, could get paid by his or her insurance company, the subrogee. The subrogee could then sue the person who caused the accident, or attempt to get his or her auto insurance company to pay them.

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