Summary Probate

Definition - What does Summary Probate mean?

A summary probate is a probate that handles estates that are of a smaller variety. The exact dollar value of the estate to qualify for summary probate varies from state to state. For example, in some states, estates with a value of $100,000 or less are subject to a summary probate.

Justipedia explains Summary Probate

Probate is the legal process of handling estates and making sure that they are valid. It also involves distributing the assets in a will to the appropriate beneficiaries. Assets in a will can be quite substantial, and so this legal process can have significant importance to many people.

With summary probates, the assets in the will tend to be smaller or less valuable than other types of probates. In some states, an estate can qualify for a summary probate even if the assets are well over $100,000—if the decedent's debts are greater than the assets in the will.

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