Sunshine Law

Definition - What does Sunshine Law mean?

Sunshine laws are laws that require transparency to government proceedings with several exceptions, such as proceedings that would threaten national security to expose. The goal of sunshine laws is to allow the public to be able to view meetings, votes, deliberations, etc. In this way, the public is able to be better informed about the goings-on of government administrative agencies.

Justipedia explains Sunshine Law

In addition to sunshine laws, there is also the Freedom of Information Act, which allows the public to have access to documents or other information that the government has obtained. Like the Sunshine Act, the Freedom of Information Act also has exceptions, primarily for the protection of national security. As an example of how sunshine laws apply to the public, a member of the public could watch a senate hearing on TV, but he or she would likely not be able to watch a military strategy meeting between generals at the Pentagon.

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