Actionable Fraud

Definition - What does Actionable Fraud mean?

Actionable fraud is when a person falsely represents themselves for the purpose of swindling another for money. Deception, saying things that are untrue, or forging documents for the purpose of financial gain is actionable fraud because an action had to occur for the fraud to happen. This type of fraud is considered a white collar crime and is a felony. Pretending to have credentials that have not been earned is a popular type of actionable fraud.

The elements of fraud are:

  1. A statement of fact is made;
  2. That statement of fact is false;
  3. The person who made the statement knew it was false and had the intent of misleading someone;
  4. The other person made a justifiable decision to rely on the fact; and
  5. There must be actual damages.

Justipedia explains Actionable Fraud

This type of fraud is often highly complex and relies on deception to convince people of facts that are actually untrue. Uttering and publishing is another common type, which is writing a check on an account that is in the name of someone else.

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