Temporary Injunction

Definition - What does Temporary Injunction mean?

Temporary injunction is a court order that instructs a party to cease performing a certain action.

The reason why the courts make temporary injunctions is so that they can prevent further damage until the issue at hand has been resolved in a court of law.

Temporary injunctions are often precursors to permanent injunctions.

Justipedia explains Temporary Injunction

Permanent injunctions can be ordered as the result of a lawsuit that takes place involving the temporary injunction.

An example of a situation that could involve a temporary injunction would be if one company believes that another company is infringing upon its intellectual property. In such a case, the company may plea to the courts to create a temporary injunction while the company prepares to file suit against the infringing company. If the court believe that the complaint is legitimate, it may send a temporary injunction to the infringing party.

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