Actionable Nuisance

Definition - What does Actionable Nuisance mean?

An actionable nuisance is an action, behavior or anything else that is either dangerous and could cause injury, or that is exceedingly offensive to the senses.

In order for a nuisance to be actionable, it must disrupt the comfortable use of property. Actionable nuisances are typically very disturbing to the people who must suffer them.

Justipedia explains Actionable Nuisance

Actionable nuisances can be public or private. They are called "actionable" nuisances because they can be a cause of action for a lawsuit. That means that a person can be sued for causing an actionable nuisance. The person who caused the nuisance could be forced to pay damages to the plaintiff if he or she loses the case.

An example of an actionable nuisance would be a neighbor who blasts loud music through amplifiers on full volume toward his/her neighbor's house at 3 a.m. every night.

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