Tenancy at Will

Definition - What does Tenancy at Will mean?

A tenancy at will is a tenancy in which no formal contract is written, yet a landlord grants permission to a tenant to rent real property. Tenancies at will can be ended at any time, by either party. However, 30 days' notice is typically required if it is the landlord who is ending the tenancy.

Justipedia explains Tenancy at Will

Tenancies at will are a much more casual alternative to other forms of tenancies. They are much simpler to terminate if the landlord or the tenant suddenly needs to stop the lease. However, this also means that neither party can be sure that the tenancy will continue for a certain period of time. This can equate to complications in trying to plan for the future. For example, if a business sets up a tenancy at will with a property owner, then that business cannot be certain that it will still be able to rent the property in a year's time.

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