Testate Succession

Definition - What does Testate Succession mean?

Testate succession is when a will of a decedent is carried out, and rights and property are given to the people named in the will. In the context of the law, the passing on of an estate often involves the transfer of property worth substantial amounts of money. Proper legal procedures must be followed during the process of testate succession. People who pass away without wills are said to have died intestate. In that instance, the state laws will be consulted by the court to determine succession.

Justipedia explains Testate Succession

People write wills so that they can designate the people that they would like to have their property after their death. Wills are legally binding documents. Upon the death of the writer, they are carried out. The process of testate succession can involve the disturbing of property such as houses, cars, money, artwork, jewelry, etc. There can be a large number of items in a will. People commonly pass along property to family members or close friends.

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