Definition - What does Testator mean?

A testator is a person who writes a will and passes on property to beneficiaries in that will before he or she dies. In order for a will to be legitimate, the testator must have been of sound mind when he or she wrote it.

In the context of the law, wills are legally binding, and any property passed on in them legally becomes the property of the beneficiary.

Justipedia explains Testator

Testators often pass on items such as land, cash, paintings, jewelry, cars, furniture, houses or other items in wills. Items that are passed on in wills are commonly subject to estate tax.

It is common for testators to name family and/or close friends as the beneficiaries of their wills. If a person passes away after leaving a legitimate will, then he or she is said to have died "intestate."

A will made by a testator can be voided if it is discovered that it was made under duress, or if the testator was not of sound mind during its writing.

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