Texas v. Johnson (1989)

Definition - What does Texas v. Johnson (1989) mean?

Texas v. Johnson (1989) is a landmark court case in which the U.S. Supreme Court decided that burning an American flag is a legal symbolic expression that is protected by the First Amendment.

The case came to the Supreme Court after Gregory Lee Johnson was sent to prison for burning an American flag.

Justipedia explains Texas v. Johnson (1989)

The U.S. Supreme Court made the ruling for Texas v. Johnson on June 21st, 1989. The ruling for this case is very important because it protects freedom of speech, even when that speech is anti-patriotic.

The vote for the case was 5-4 in the Supreme Court; it narrowly passed. Many were against this ruling, including the Texas court that threw Johnson into prison in the first place. However, the Supreme Court had the ultimate say.

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