The Bluebook

Definition - What does The Bluebook mean?

The Bluebook is a legal resource that lists case citations and other important legal referencing material. This book is published by a series of university law reviews including, Harvard, Yale, and the University of Pennsylvania. Legal professionals, or anyone else who needs to look up legal citations, can use The Bluebook to help them find how to cite legal information into their writing.

Justipedia explains The Bluebook

The reason why The Bluebook exists is because in law, citations often must be given. For example, if a lawyer wants to make a point in a certain case from a ruling that was made in 1950, then he or she would have to cite that case. There are many, many trials that happen every year. It is helpful to have important cases and other useful legal information organized into a reference book. This way, anyone who needs to find certain legal information can use it to quickly locate what they are looking for.

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