Three-Day Notice

Definition - What does Three-Day Notice mean?

A three day notice is a legal notice that a landlord is able to give a tenant if the tenant falls behind in rent or some other contractual obligation that was part of the tenancy. The notice allows the tenant three days to correct the problem, such as pay the outstanding rent or to move. If the tenant does, the landlord isn't able to file for an eviction through a 28 day notice to quit. Most states in the United States allow for the issuance of three day notices.

Justipedia explains Three-Day Notice

If there are repairs or maintenance issues that were to be paid for and dealt with by the tenant, then the three day notice could apply to any of those circumstances or to the owing of money for rent or services. There is not an eviction issued until after this period and allows tenants to avoid eviction through complying with the requirements set out in the notice.

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