Title Search

Definition - What does Title Search mean?

A title search is a thorough examination of records and legal documents to verify the true owner of a piece of real property. Title searches are often ordered by people before they buy a piece of real estate. This is because they want to make sure that there are no conflicting claims of ownership of the property before they put their money into it.

Justipedia explains Title Search

Attorneys and title companies are typically the parties who actually carry out the title search. They can get information by searching property tax information, outstanding loans or outstanding judgments on the property. All of this information can help to give them a much clearer idea of who the real owner is. This is critical information because if there are outstanding claims on the property, and a person purchases it, then his or her ownership could actually be in dispute. This could result in a lengthy legal dilemma. So, many people simply choose to get to the bottom of the issue before they put their money in the property.

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