Toxic Mold

Definition - What does Toxic Mold mean?

Toxic mold is mold that grows in the home, in the workplace or in another structure that can cause serious health problems to the occupants. Toxic mold can grow if there is moisture in the building from, for example, water from a flood or from a roof leak. In the context of the law, property owners and contractors can be held liable if an occupant of the building is harmed by the toxic mold.

Justipedia explains Toxic Mold

Mold can cause illness by generating toxic spores that are inhaled and go into the body through the respiratory system. Only certain types of mold generate serious toxic spores. However, these types of molds can appear in buildings if they are not property sealed or repaired following a leak or similar event.

Illnesses from toxic mold can be severe and, for this reason, many property owners have insurance to protect against losses from lawsuits arising over toxic mold.

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