Trademark Search

Definition - What does Trademark Search mean?

Trademark searches are searches conducted of existing trademarks to make sure that prospective trademarks will be legitimate and exclusive. Trademark searches are commonly conducted by professionals in the industry. In the context of the law, infringement lawsuits can take place if there is dispute about trademarks. So, many people choose to conduct trademark searches before registering a trademark or before using their trademark in business.

Justipedia explains Trademark Search

Trademark searches commonly consist of researching trademark databases and the relevant commercial market in order to make sure that there is no overlap between a prospective trademark and one already out there. Trademarks can be extremely important, because they grant exclusivity for certain business property. So, if one firm accidentally infringes on the trademark of another, then this can result in an extremely costly lawsuit. Therefore, for many companies or sole proprietors, it can be well worth the time and money to get a trademark search rather than risk infringement.

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