Definition - What does Transcarceration mean?

Transcarceration is the process of transporting prisoners or institutionalized mentally disabled people from one secure location to another. Typically, this means moving prisoners to a different prison or moving institutionalized people to a different institution.

Transcarceration must be performed carefully by law enforcement officers due to the potential for criminals to escape.

Justipedia explains Transcarceration

There are a number of different reasons why prisoners or institutionalized people could be moved from one location to another. For example, if a newer, better prison is built, then prisoners may be moved to this new prison. The same is true for institutions; if a newer, better institution is built, then mentally ill people could be moved to the better facility.

Another reason why transcarceration could occur is if the people in charge of a prison or institution create new programs that require certain inmates or institutionalized people to be moved to a new location.

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