Letter of Transmittal

Definition - What does Letter of Transmittal mean?

A letter of transmittal is a letter that is sent with something as a formal indication that the particular thing has been sent.

In a legal context, transmittal letters are often sent from the court or from lawyers to plaintiffs or to defendants. The transmittal letter keeps a record of the delivery of the item in question.

Justipedia explains Letter of Transmittal

Without a transmittal letter, there might not be an official record when critical information or items are transmitted. Because the question of whether or not certain items were delivered is often very relevant in court, transmittal letters ensure that there is an official note of the delivery.

A letter of transmittal is almost like a verification process; if a formal transmittal letter has been delivered to the person, then they cannot claim that they did not receive the letter and the item.

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