Trial De Novo

Definition - What does Trial De Novo mean?

A trial de novo is a brand new trial for a case that has already been tried. These trials are typically ordered and carried out by an appellate court following an appeal.

A trial de novo is often ordered when the original trial fails to properly resolve the case and the appellate court feels that it would be better to simply do it again.

Justipedia explains Trial De Novo

Many times, when an appeal is made, a ruling will be given by the appellate court after it examines the issue. Sometimes, however, the appellate court will demand a trial de novo if it believes that the whole process needs to be completed again.

A trial de novo can take much longer than a normal appeal process. It can include the presentation of evidence, the calling of witnesses, etc.

Following the trial de novo, the appellate court will give a ruling on the issue.

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