Definition - What does Trover mean?

A trover is the name for a cause of action in which one party sues another party to regain personal property items that were wrongfully claimed.

Trover suits commonly occur when a person loses something, another person finds it, and the person who finds it wrongfully takes ownership of it.

Trover suits can result in the finder of the property being forced to return it to the original owner.

Justipedia explains Trover

There are many circumstances that could result in a trover suit. One example is if a man is playing baseball in a park and he accidentally drops his Rolex watch on the field. If he leaves the park without realizing that he lost his watch, and someone else finds the watch and takes it as their own, this could result in a trover suit.

There may be a time limit that can vary from state to state during which a person may be able to reclaim lost property in a trover suit.

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