Definition - What does Typosquatting mean?

Typosquatting can be defined as the process in which someone tries to find a misspelling in a domain name with the intention to exploit and gain more traffic that was originally meant for the other website.

Typosquatting is considered a type of cybersquatting, in which a domain name is purchased with illegal intentions.

Justipedia explains Typosquatting

"URL hijacking" is another phrase for typosquatting.

If there is a website with the domain name example.com, a typosquatter may try to purchase domains like exemple.com (which is a misspelling), xample.com (a typing error) or example.net (a different domain). Once the typosquatter has the traffic on his or her website, he/she can benefit in several ways.

In 2004, a young developer named Mike Rowe registered a website called MikeRoweSoft.Com. Rowe demanded $10,000 in return for selling his domain to Microsoft. Because of his intent to gain profit, Rowe was charged with cybersquatting, and a cease and desist order was issued by the WIPO against him.

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