Definition - What does Unconstitutional mean?

Unconstitutional refers to any legal or political matter that directly goes against the principles and/or laws of the U.S. Constitution. These matters could include court rulings, statutes, government actions, etc. Sometimes, there is debate as to whether or not a ruling or other matter is unconstitutional. Such cases can be sent to the Supreme Court for a decision.

Justipedia explains Unconstitutional

If a particular statute or ruling is unconstitutional, this can be a problem. The reason is because the Constitution is a primary source for legal authority in America. So things that go against it can be illegal, and can be overturned. For example, if a state decided that it wanted to revoke the right to free speech, this would be unconstitutional. The reason is because the Constitution has an amendment that allows free speech to all citizens. So, an anti-free speech statute by a state would be overturned due to being unconstitutional.

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