Uniform Probate Code (UPC)

Definition - What does Uniform Probate Code (UPC) mean?

The Uniform Probate Code (UPC) is a code that is designed to create a unified and simplified standard for probate law in every state. However, to date, only 18 states have accepted the code, or at least a part of the code. The UPC primarily deals with state law and other issues regarding descendants.

Justipedia explains Uniform Probate Code (UPC)

The Universal Probate Code contains seven articles. These articles deal with topics such as general provisions and definitions, intestate succession and wills, and probate of wills and administration.

The goal of the UPC is to make it easier for this probate process to occur across many states. If the probate process has a univeral code, then anyone in any state can have the same rules and regulations regarding probate. This could clear up a lot of confusion or discrepancies between the states when it comes to probate.

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