United States Tax Court

Definition - What does United States Tax Court mean?

The United States Tax Court is a specific court that deals with people who believe their taxes are wrong and are not willing to pay them until after a decision is made by a higher authority. There are two ways to appeal tax bills; one is to pay the taxes in full and then try to recoup the loss through appealing the decision in the district court. The other is to not pay the portion of the tax which is disputed and instead choose to go in front of a judge to prove why the tax is wrong.

Justipedia explains United States Tax Court

Any person who must file a tax return can appeal the amount of tax they are charged if they feel the amount was miscalculated or if they believe a mistake was made such as when a dependent is forgotten from the list and if included would lessen the amount of tax owed. Taking a case in the United States Tax Court stops all future tax payments from being made until the decision is reached regarding the disputed amount.

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