Unlawful Deportation and Transfer

Definition - What does Unlawful Deportation and Transfer mean?

Unlawful deportation and transfer refers to an international war crime that is punishable by the International Criminal Court. This Geneva Convention law was created in the mid-twentieth-century in hopes to protect people from being removed from their country and put in a place where they live in dangerous conditions do to their new surroundings.

Justipedia explains Unlawful Deportation and Transfer

In order for somebody to be convicted of this crime, three things must be proven:

  1. That the defendant deported or transferred a person or multiple people to a location outside the country in which they reside;
  2. That the person or people who were deported or transferred are protected under the authority of the Geneva Conventions of 1949; and
  3. That the incident occurred during, and as a result of, a conflict between at least nations that included armed warfare.
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