Unqualified Ownership

Definition - What does Unqualified Ownership mean?

Unqualified ownership is total ownership without any limiting conditions.

In the context of the law, this means that the owner of a property has the complete legal rights to it, and can decide what is done with it, in accordance with the law.

Unqualified ownership can apply to real property or to personal property.

Justipedia explains Unqualified Ownership

Unqualified ownership is the opposite of qualified ownership. Qualified ownership is ownership that has strings attached, or that has conditions that must be followed. For example, if a person inherits a painting in a will, but the will states that the person must keep the painting in the family, that is qualified ownership.

Unqualified ownership is a much more complete form of ownership. People who own items or property in an unqualified manner have much more control over them

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