Definition - What does Uttering mean?

Uttering is the unlawful act of intentionally using a forged document or instrument to mislead. Uttering can have serious legal consequences, as large sums of money can be stolen through forgery and uttering. There are many different types of forged documents that can be uttered. These can include monetary documents such as checks, official business documents, legal documents, etc.

Justipedia explains Uttering

A person does not necessarily have to make the forged document in order to be guilty of uttering it. For example, a person could find a fake check for $10,000 and attempt to cash it themselves.

Uttering is a criminal offense and a person can face criminal charges if he or she is suspected of uttering a forged document. In other words, jail time, fines and/or other punitive consequences can face those who attempt to utter forged documents.

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