Definition - What does Uxor mean?

Uxor is Latin for "wife."

In the context of the law, the term uxor or "et uxor," which means "and wife," is occasionally used on official documents to explain that a wife, or a man and his wife, are involved.

This term is not used as frequently as it once was. It is more common for the wife's name to be used now in addition to the husband's.

Justipedia explains Uxor

Traditionally, it was common for the term uxor or et uxor to appear in legal documents for things such as trusts, or deeds to property.

The use of this term would let the people involved know that a man's wife was also bound to the terms of the trust or the deed, etc. The wife's name ws not used, as women used to have fewer rights and it was not viewed as necessary to have the woman's name on the document. However, it is now common practice to include the woman's name.

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