Vacant Succession

Definition - What does Vacant Succession mean?

A vacant succession is a succession in which there are no heirs. This could be because the heirs are unknown or have given up their rights to the estate.

In the event of a vacant succession, the estate may be given to the state that the decedent lived in. The state would own the property in such a situation.

Justipedia explains Vacant Succession

Typically, people leave their property to certain parties in wills. These parties could be relatives, friends, charities, etc. It is very common for people to accept the property; however, this does not always occur. The result is a vacant estate. For example, if a grandmother left her granddaughter her house and car, but the granddaughter did not want the house because it was very far away and in bad quality, she could relinquish her right to the property. This would be a vacant succession.

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