Definition - What does Veracity mean?

Veracity means truthfulness, honesty or credibility.

In the context of the law, it is often used in reference to a witness, to a piece of evidence or to something else that is being evaluated for legitimacy. If someone or something has a high degree of veracity, then this means that he, she or it is most likely accurate and trustworthy.

Justipedia explains Veracity

Veracity can be a highly important issue in a court case. For example, whether or not a witness has veracity can be incredibly significant for a point in the case. If the witness has a long history of lying or suspicious behavior, then his or her testimony may have a very low degree of veracity. This could cause the jury to distrust his or her testimony. On the other hand, if evidence is presented by a source with a high degree of veracity, then the evidence may be trusted by the jury.

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