Vigilante Justice

Definition - What does Vigilante Justice mean?

Vigilante justice is actions that are meted out by individuals who purport to represent the law in their action, but who do not hold any legal authority to do so. The basis of vigilante justice is that the behavior is like that which is seen in a vigilante. This means forceful and rough and lacking legal authority. Vigilante justice is illegal in all places, but the law does allow for regular citizens to make a 'citizens arrest' of a person for the purpose of holding the purpose until the police arrive.

Justipedia explains Vigilante Justice

Vigilante justice is seen in modern day in the riots that happen after unjust killings and when people feel that the law has not protected them against the potential actions. The term can also be used to denote a state of disarray or lawlessness that exists in a region, usually due to government unrest or insurrection. The term is also synonymous with 'mob justice'.

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