Visitation Rights

Definition - What does Visitation Rights mean?

Visitation rights are given to the non-custodial parent in cases where there is a divorce or separation and minor children are involved. The parent who controls the day to day aspect of the children's lives and whom the children live with is considered the custodial parent. The parent who does not live with the children full time is said to have visitation rights.

Justipedia explains Visitation Rights

Visitation rights is the term given to visitations that are court ordered. Parents can agree visitation between each other without involving the court. However, in times where there is an acrimonious split, the court can intervene and order the custodial parent to allow access to the children for the non-custodial parent. The parent who has visitation rights is usually also ordered to pay child support for maintenance of the children due to the fact that they do not live with them on a daily basis and are not providing for their care.

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