Voidable Marriage

Definition - What does Voidable Marriage mean?

A voidable marriage is a marriage that is technically in effect, but that was originated under circumstances that make it invalid. However, voidable marriages must still be terminated by a court order in order for them to be legally voided. Circumstances that can cause a voidable marriage include one of the partners being underage at the time of the marriage, one of the partners being forced or coerced into marriage, and so forth.

Justipedia explains Voidable Marriage

If a person in a voidable marriage would like to void their marriage, then they can do so by appealing to the court. However, if a couple wishes to make their marriage a legitimate marriage, this option also exists. In order to do this, the couple would have to follow the law to remove or fix whatever obstacle was preventing the marriage from being legitimate. For example, if one of the partners was underage when the marriage was created, then both partners would have to be of age, and the legal protocol would have to be followed for restructuring the marriage.

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