Wage Attachment

Definition - What does Wage Attachment mean?

A wage attachment is a financial process in which a court orders a debtor's employer to give a portion of his or her wages to the debtor's creditor. Such a process typically occurs when a debtor is not repaying his or her debts and the creditor files suit against him or her for repayment. This process is also known as wage garnishment.

Justipedia explains Wage Attachment

Wage attachment is involuntary, meaning that the court does not need the debtor's permission to take some of his or her wages out of regular paychecks. The court can just do it without consent. This is because formal debts are usually legally enforceable. If they weren't, then many creditors would simply stop giving credit to people. So, people who take on debt for mortgages, cars, tuition, etc. are obligated to pay them back unless they are excused for some reason by the court.

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