Definition - What does Warranty mean?

A warranty is a legal guarantee that a product will work in the way it is advertised to do for a specific amount of time. If it does not, it states that the manufacturer will fix or replace the product with one that is working. A warranty is a consumer guarantee that ensures people who buy products that do not work are able to get their money back or receive a working product. Most warranties are only good for a specific amount of time; some stores offer extended warranty options where a person can buy an extra year or two worth of warranty on a product through paying for insurance on the product.

Justipedia explains Warranty

Warranty information is very specific and only cases that fall within the confines of the warranty will be recompensed. A normal warranty will include a line that limits the manufacturers liability in cases where the consumer does not use the product in the manner which it is intended at the time of sale and in relation to its advertisement.

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