Warranty of Merchantability

Definition - What does Warranty of Merchantability mean?

Warranty of merchantability is a legal principle that means sellers of goods are obligated to guarantee that their products are of good quality and that the products will do what they are said to do. If the products do not do what they are said to do, then the buyer can be entitled to return them. Lawsuits can also arise based on this principle.

Justipedia explains Warranty of Merchantability

Warranty of merchantability is implied, which means that a vendor does not have to specifically state that his or her products will do what they say. It is simply implied that they will by the fact that he or she is selling them. Warranty of merchantability applies to many different types of goods. For example, machines, food products, clothing, cars, etc. all have warranty of merchantability. If a person believes that they have received a defective product, then they can try to return it. Barring that option, they can file suit against the vendor.

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