Definition - What does Whistleblogger mean?

A whistleblogger is a person who reveals evidence about an entity's illegal activity by means of a blog. This could be done by writing a blog post, by posting photographic evidence, or by directly providing the information on a blog.

In the context of the law, if a whistleblogger provides correct information, the entity that the whistle is being blown for could be prosecuted.

Justipedia explains Whistleblogger

Whistlebloggers often report crimes such as fraud, racketeering, theft, etc. Whistlebloggers generally bring the information to light with the hope that the entity they are blogging about will be brought to justice. Whistlebloggers are essentially just whistleblowers who use blogs, instead of other forms of media or communication, to speak out.

In the United States, free speech is protected in accordance with the terms of the Constitution. However, there can sometimes be debate about the legality of whistleblogging. For example, if the source is a military insider with access to sensitive information, there may be some legal issues regarding the revealing of the information.

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