Whistleblower Protection Act

Definition - What does Whistleblower Protection Act mean?

The Whistleblower Protection Act is a federal law that covers and protects government employees who voluntarily "blow the whistle" on wrongdoings in government agencies. The act specifically covers federal employees who expose fraud or any wrongdoing done by their employer.

If necessary, assistance in the form of a new residence and new identity is given to someone covered under this act, as well as protection throughout any court case that ensues as a result of the claims. The person would also be entitled to wages consistent with the job that they were leaving at the time of their voluntary compliance.

Justipedia explains Whistleblower Protection Act

The act only covers federal and state agency employees (government workers) and the claims that they make against a government agency of which they have in-depth knowledge.

If an ongoing illegal activity is undertaken by a government office, and an employee breaks silence to help end the practice from occurring, the law will provide them with immunity against prosecution and/or the loss of their job.

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