Will Contest

Definition - What does Will Contest mean?

Will contest is a legal dispute wherein a person raises a question in law as to the validity of a will that is being entered into a probate matter after the death of the person whom the will relates to. There are a number of different types of legal points raised within a will contest, such as the amount and proportion of assets that one party inherits, who the legal executor is supposed to be, or even if someone is left out of the will altogether. There are normal laws of succession that are followed in these legal cases to determine whether or not the plaintiff's case is valid.

Justipedia explains Will Contest

If a person takes on a will contest case, the judge in the matter will have the authority to override any specific determinations that were written in the will. For instance, if a parent dies and leaves all of their assets to charity and none to their children, the children could take a legal case and dispute the validity of the will, wherein the judge is free to rule in their favor.

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