Witness Stand

Definition - What does Witness Stand mean?

The witness stand is the designated area within a court room where a witness in a case sits while giving evidence. The witness stand is located next to the judge's chair and is an enclosed area where the witness is expected to remain during their testimony. Witnesses must also take an oath to tell the truth.

Justipedia explains Witness Stand

The witness box faces the court in the same way as the judge's chair so that when the prosecution and defense attorneys are asking a witness to give their testimony their face is on show to the persons in the court. In this way, the person can be seen to be upfront and honest while speaking. If a witness is not able to attend court, the witness statement is taken and someone standing in the witness box then relays the statement to the court on behalf of the witness. This only happens in cases where the witness is either hospitalized, immobilized, or out of the country.

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