Words of Art

Definition - What does Words of Art mean?

Words of art are words or phrases that are typically only known or fully understood by people who are professionals or otherwise have expertise in a particular field. For example, in investing, words such as "price-to-book ratio," "moving average," or "dividend yield" may be considered words of art. In the context of the law, many people use lawyers because there are so many words of art within the legal field.

Justipedia explains Words of Art

Sometimes, a trial may involve information that is difficult for a layperson to understand. For this reason, expert witnesses can be called to testify. Expert witnesses commonly will be familiar with the words of art for a particular subject. For example, a doctor may be called in to testify on a personal injury case where medical words of art are highly relevant. Expert witnesses can explain words of art to the jury, and they can also give their professional opinions about the matters at hand.

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