Words of Procreation

Definition - What does Words of Procreation mean?

Words of procreation are words that are used in documents such as wills and deeds that specify that whatever is being mentioned applies only to a specific person and the descendants of that person.

For example, property may be left to "John and the heirs of his body." These would be words of procreation.

Justipedia explains Words of Procreation

Often, people wish to pass on property to their descendants in wills in order to keep the property in the family. The particular property could be real estate, automobiles, paintings, jewelry, money, etc.

However, it is not necessary for people to only pass on property to their relatives in wills. They can also pass it on to friends, charities or other parties. But many people do pass it on to their descendants, and when they do this in wills, they frequently use words of procreation.

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