Workmen's Compensation

Definition - What does Workmen's Compensation mean?

Workmen's compensation is a financial benefit that is received by a family of a person who dies at work. The money is paid to the family by the employer. It is also paid out after work related accidents to the person who was injured if the accident was a result of something that happened during the course of work. Even when a family or person receives workmen's compensation benefits they are still able to take a court case for wrongful death or to claim a higher amount after a debilitating accident.

Justipedia explains Workmen's Compensation

This insurance benefit is a requirement for businesses to have available if any employee gets injured or dies during their work. There are times when a company can refute payment, if the company can prove that the accident was a result of the inactions of the injured person they would not be liable to pay the same level of compensation.

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